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Best Lifescience Industry Database Platform – Chemxpert Database

Indian pharmaceutical companies are the most established industry and have been growing immensely over the last decade. The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing process is not easy and short. The pharma manufacturers have a strong presence both in the domestic market and global arena as one of the top drug players. The companies produce close to 50% of the world’s medicine demand making this sector highly attractive for a business opportunity. Today, many investors, business analysts and general consultants and businesses are looking for Pharma Industry Database and the best place for getting a complete Life sciences Industries Database is Chemxpert. The company has a time tested Chemxpert Database which provides all wide-ranging information on Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Suppliers covering SME, MNCs, India top companies, Startups and regional players.

Why Chemxpert Pharma Industry Database is critical?

In the pharma industry, there are many sub-industries covering – Testing labs, medical equipment manufacture, biotechnology, diagnostics, medical care products maker, surgical products supplier etc. In addition, the size of companies differs from small to medium to large corporates. A large number of companies operate in the turnover of 1 to 100 Crores and over 25% operate between 100 to 500 Crores. Further, there are multiple hubs where these Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Suppliers are located. The major hubs being cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. Hence to analyse this multiple sources of information covering – sub-industry type, size of companies, region etc, it is essential to have an intelligence solution like Chemxpert Pharma Industry Database to get what a business requires. Besides saving time and effort, the fully-integrated access to deep sector-specific intelligence of Pharma companies helps in identifying business opportunities which are real-time and valuable.

How are Pharmaceuticals Companies’ Databases Beneficial?

All kinds of the database are provided to clients covering basic information like name, address, email id, key contact person, phone no and to key intelligence information which can be customized. The information can be used to explore the business opportunity, organizing events, understanding competitor’s performance and many more. Following are some of the key solutions offered-
  • Lead Generation – with the database companies and individuals can get the right contact to increase their chance of partnering.
  • B2B Data platform – a complete list of over 100 contacts and details which can be used to enhance sales and networks.
  • Digital insights – technology and tools used to extract the required business-specific information.
  • Quality customized data on Pharmaceutical Suppliers & Manufacturer – getting the right information which business needs.
  • Verified data points – information which is checked for correctness and consistency.
  • Downloadable reports – access to a host of reports in any format covering company details, contact, products, markets and many more.
  • Auto updates to clients on new solutions and adds new suppliers in the database.
  • Facility to bring – buyer, supplier, facilitator into one page.

Another key aspect of Chemxpert Database is that all the information of Pharmaceutical companies is regularly updated. The company have a standard operating procedure wherein the real-time information is checked and updated to ensure the clients get valid information.

There are numerous companies who sell data, but there are only a few like Chemxpert who are reliable. They have a complete end to end knowledge in Pharma Industry Database across the globe which help corporations to make informed decisions.

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