Date: 20-Dec-2019

Hematogenix unveils newest facility in China

Hematogenix, a specialized CRO with a global presence focused on cancer research and diagnostics, announces the opening of their newest facility in Shanghai, China furthering their commitment to be a global leader in the field of cancer research and diagnostic testing. China's growing population is attractive to the pharmaceutical industry as the race to develop new therapies for the oncology market continues. The decision to invest in China's rapidly growing research and development market positions Hematogenix as a global contributor to the advancement of oncology research. Hematogenix is one of the companies that is responding to recent advancements that have occurred in China's clinical trials regulations. "Our decision to expand to China supports the global science community," said Hytham Al-Masri, M.D., CEO and Founder of Hematogenix. "This investment is in-line with our mission to make it possible for scientists to do world-class research globally. The multinational pharma partners we support are starting to make China a priority. We are providing a solution to support their goals through our Pharma Services expansion which now includes four locations, the Americas, Europe, China and Asia-Pacific."