Date: 31-Dec-2019

Organ transplant specialists focus on patient engagement to spur transparency in processes: Anita Kulkarni

Organ transplant experts are increasingly focusing on patient engagement to spur transparency in the processes of donor engagement, according to Anita Kulkarni Puranik, CEO & co-founder, Metamagics. In India or in the US, there is no transparency when it comes to patient engagement, which is a challenge to both transplant centres and doctors. The focus is now shifting from just the number of transplants done to patient care management, she said. Metamagics has developed the GridSense Health platform for monitoring disease-specific patient & decision support tools by leveraging its expertise in data engineering, data science and machine learning. Now the GridSense is the backbone of for transplant care. “We find that once the transplant surgeon understands the potential of the solution it becomes easy to get the patients to adopt and also have the transplant centres invest in it. Hence GridSense Health is for transplant centers, its surgeons, patients and their caregivers. This is a chronic care management platform. Our first product offering is organ transplant management care. We are already poised to enter cancer care and we will follow that with diabetes which are growing areas of medical care management globally”, said Puranik. The company is part of the Yale University and CoWrksFoundry partnership for the Sustainable Health Initiative for which it received US$70,000 in seed funding,. “We will be using the money for entry into the US market and have already identified and begun a pilot with a leading transplant center on the East Coast. Going forward, Metamagics wants to penetrate the Indian transplant care market”. On the current scene for organ transplant in the country, she said that there were considerable changes in this space. “For one, there are more organs being donated which is still not enough but the numbers are increasing. This has resulted in many more transplant surgeries. What is especially encouraging is that Indian transplant surgeons are now looking beyond the number of surgeries done. The quality of care, longevity post transplant, tracking patient parameters and trends post transplant are now becoming needs that they want fulfilled. The trends that we see that are transplant doctors looking for solutions that are transplant specific.” The two major challenges are paucity of funds and lack of quality patient care. In the case of Metamagics being bootstrapped this far there has not been funds to deploy in sales and marketing. Now that the product is ready with successful pilots done the first round of funding, we are now poised to take off. Venture capitalists in the healthcare space have been very keyed up about GridSense Health. The value proposition and the impact that a solution like GridSense Health offers make it a compelling investment proposition. For Metamagics, VCs, have evinced, said Puranik.