Date: 03-Jan-2020

Union health ministry flagship project Mission Delhi extended up to 78 sq km around AIIMS

Envisaged to cater to a population of 25 lakhs in the national capital, Mission Delhi, an Indian Council of Medical Research - All India Institute of Medical Sciences (ICMR- AIIMS) initiative, has now been extended to 78 sq kms around AIIMS New Delhi. Launched on April 25, 2019 at AIIMS New Delhi on pilot project basis, Mission Delhi is an ICMR-AIIMS initiative started to provide care to STEMI Heart Attack patients covering about 30 sq km. Mission Delhi has received a total of 44 cases till date. STEMI Heart attack is an acute, high risk, time sensitive life threatening disease. The management of STEMI heart attack patient requires treatment to be started within the golden hour (90 minutes) of the onset of symptoms and providing clot buster therapy to patient within 30 minutes of reaching the hospital. Delays in reaching hospital and initiation of clot buster therapy are the major causes of deaths in STEMI Heart Attack patients. On receiving a call at MISSION Delhi’s Toll – Free Emergency Helpline numbers (1800111044 and 14430), the mobile medical nurse team is dispatched immediately for examining the patient, providing necessary medication or CPR, transmitting ECG to consultant at AIIMS. With bike-ambulances and trained nurses, Mission Delhi focuses on the importance to reach with medical help much faster, timely response and doorstep care saving the heart in time, given the high-density traffic conditions in the city where the movement of four-wheeler ambulances becomes difficult. The average age of the occurrence of cardiac arrest in the Indian population is 53 to 55 years, about 10 years less than in the United States (US) and Europe where it is 63 or 64. Genetic predisposition is an important cause for this but, the high rates of smoking and chewing tobacco in India also contribute in a large way. Young heart patients that doctors see mostly have problems associated with tobacco use.