Date: 07-Jan-2020

Abcam Announces Successful Acquisition of Expedeon's Proteomics and Immunology Business, Enhancing Its Conjugation Capability

Abcam plc, a global innovator in life science reagents and tools, is pleased to announce the successful completion of the acquisition of Expedeon's Proteomics and Immunology business, which includes Innova and TGR Biosciences, as of 1st January 2020. Abcam and Expedeon are fully committed to providing continued access to Expedeon's proteomics and immunology products and support so that the life science community can perform their research and development without interruption. Dr John Baker, SVP Product Portfolio and Innovation, Abcam, commented: "Our reputation as an innovator in the field of biological reagents, coupled with our dedicated global commercialisation infrastructure, will allow us to make these technologies readily available globally. We have had teams working on conjugation for several years and the combination of this expertise with the Expedeon portfolio and other complementary conjugation technologies, including BrickBio's, provides a very powerful platform to enable us to deliver the precision research tools required to address the majority of life science assays used today and those emerging in the future." Protein labelling is essential to biological research in proteomics and 84% of researchers are looking for conjugation ready solutions[1]. Proteomics research requires the use of molecular labels that are covalently attached to a protein of interest to facilitate detection or purification of the protein or its binding partners. With conjugation kits for over 50 types of labels for applications across the life science industry, Expedeon technology supports a diverse set of labels, including enzymes, metals, oligos, and fluorescent proteins. Abcam will combine the newly acquired capture and conjugation technologies with its extensive antibody and protein expertise to expand and enhance its portfolio of off-the-shelf and custom reagents and tools.