Date: 08-Jan-2020

Zoetis India discontinues 6 vet products meant for livestock to tackle antimicrobial resistance

Home > TopNews Policy & Regulations + Font Resize - Zoetis India discontinues 6 vet products meant for livestock to tackle antimicrobial resistance Shardul Nautiyal, Mumbai Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 08:00 Hrs [IST] Zoetis India has voluntarily discontinued six products in growth promotion indications of livestock species to tackle antimicrobial resistance in India. The brand names of 6 products which will be discontinued are Neftin-T, Aurofac, Lincospectin 44 premix, Lincomix, TM 200 and TM Egg Formula. Zoetis is a key player in the space of anti-rabies vaccine (Defensor) which helps immunizing companion animals against rabies. Zoetis also holds the approval to use Defensor in exotic animals like ferrets which will extend the scope of protecting more species there by preventing the animals from contracting and the zoonotic transfer of rabies. Informs Ketan Dhamanaskar, general manager, Zoetis India Ltd, “Zoetis India is taking steps to join Zoetis’ global initiatives to stay responsible towards the threat of antimicrobial resistance. We have also started communicating to academia and industry about these initiatives so that efficient alternatives can be adopted well in time.” Zoetis is planning to invest in research and development to provide solutions to predict, prevent and treat disease in the animals under their care. These include vaccines, new classes of antibiotics for veterinary use only, novel, non-antibiotic anti-infective solutions, diagnostics, genetic tests and digital innovation for precision farming. Zoetis has already launched products like Clarifide which offers capability for customers to predict the probability of diseases via genomic tests. “The latest acquisitions by Zoetis like synbiotics, SMB, Abaxis, Phoenix Labs, ZN labs shows the intent of bringing better diagnostic capabilities. The company has always stayed innovative in introducing new vaccines to cater to customer’s need. Vaccines like Procerta ND, Core EQ Innovator etc. are the few to be named,” Dhamanaskar informed. Zoetis also acquired Nexvet Biopharma which broadens its capabilities in monoclonal antibody therapies for companion animals. “Clinical trials have usually been conducted to establish prevalence of certain diseases which are not officially approved to introduce vaccines. The regulatory system need to prioritize approvals for preventive solutions considering the fact that there will be challenges in managing certain diseases due to exit of certain antibiotic portfolio,” Dhamanaskar explained. . He further concluded, “There should be also prioritisation of vaccines with new technology -Innovative vaccines and recombinant vaccines to stay prepared for embracing the transition without incurring commercial losses to farmers.”