Date: 22-Jan-2020

Indira IVF adopts RI witness technique for patient safety

Indira IVF, a leading fertility chain in the country, has introduced new technique, RI Witness system in its clinics across the country. This ensures the patient’s confidence that their samples are safe during treatment. Though, the Embryologists are renowned for being perfectionists but at the end of the day there could be some room for human errors. Therefore, to eliminate this scope of human error, Indira IVF adopts electronic witnessing system. Electronic witnessing technique uses radio frequency ID technology to ensure that samples used during the IVF process are completely safe. It allows the companies to concentrate on doing the treatment with zero error. It tracks how long procedures are taken, how long samples have been out of incubators and which embryologist have handled the samples. Recently one such case happened in USA where an Asian couple who tried to conceive through IVF had a mix-up at California fertility clinic as they left them pregnant with the wrong children. Couple even filed a lawsuit after giving birth to two boys who weren’t of Asian descent. Electronic Witnessing assures the patients that the process extremely secured and the machine locks itself if the RFID tags of each couple don’t match. It works from the start of the IVF treatment when the patient is assigned a RI Witness ID card that has their identity assigned to it, to the freezing of sperm, eggs, and embryos and finally to embryo transfer. Commenting on bringing in this new technology, Nitiz Murdia, lab director, Indira IVF, stated, “The electronic witnessing is being implemented by us and it helps in reducing the human intervention, save time & improve efficiency in the embryology lab. It’s a new step towards digitization in the IVF lab process & the data generated will have lot of analytical benefits in future.” According to David T Hansen, global president, fertility and genomics, CooperSurgical, meeting customer needs with a full portfolio of high-quality products to manage and improve Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) outcomes makes them the leader in this space. Dr. Kshitiz Murdia, medical director at Indira IVF added “Through Electronic Witnessing, Indira IVF aims to provide quality care and quality treatment using the latest technology with the best digitization possible.” As the technique involves no human interference and is self-regularized, it is adopted and used across the world. It also helps to cut down the processing time with more accuracy. Also, it helps them keep the record of how much time is taken for the whole process.”