Date: 28-Jan-2020

Indian electrophysiologists updated on new technologies at faster pace enabling saving patients

India’s electrophysiologists who are experts in explaining, detecting and treating irregular electrical activities of the heart or heart beats are updated on the new technology at faster pace, said Dr Dale Yoo, co-director-Electrophysiology, North Texas Heart Centre, Dallas. India like any other part of the world is home to a growing number of patients affected with cardiac problems. Our observation are that these electrophysiologists have not only indicated total dedication towards patient care but also enthusiastic about garnering the required knowhow on the upcoming advancements in the field, he added. Dr Yoo, armed with expertise in pacemaker, defibrillator, and Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT), GPS guided navigation system, advanced heart failure management amongst others, was in India for the first time and was keen to deliberate with electrophysiologists from here to help them further increase their capability. “A decade ago, we lacked in the basic tools of diagnosis. Now, there is considerable investment in diagnostics and its evident that people have realised the importance of early and accurate diagnosis. Hence the current access to advanced technology makes treatment simpler and providing cardiac care in a cost-effective manner”, Dr Yoo told Pharmabiz. There is consistent scope of advancements in the field of healthcare. Use of fluoroscopy in cath labs is an age-old practice which is ongoing. With the increase in number of cases per day, the amount of radiation, the doctors are exposed to is also immense. Not only doctors, even patients are exposed to such a high dose of radiation. But now with Fluoroless there will be control on radiation exposure. However, any new technology would take time to be adopted by the masses. Fluoroless procedures would be initially difficult to adapt. Moreover, it adds on to extra cost to both the hospital and patients. With extensive demand for this, will lead prices to nosedive, he said. There is still a huge scope of development in the field of electrophysiology. More than the technological advancements, there is still a lot of therapy awareness needed among the masses. Electrophysiology has still not grown at par with the vascular technologies, he said. As a developing country, India has explored a lot in the healthcare sector. On the investment front, there’s a lot of scope for improvement. Accessibility of healthcare facilities to the growing population is the need of the hour. There is an increase in the burden of cardiovascular diseases, worldwide. With respect to that, technologies have been evolving for better patient management. Devices are user-friendly and convenient. Pacemakers have evolved from the shape of a shoe polish to the most physiologically favoured shape. Industries are moving towards Bluetooth enabled devices and introducing a new angle for better patient care and convenience, he said.