Date: 11-Feb-2020

Jupiter Hospital launches bone marrow transplant centre in Pune

Jupiter Hospital, a leading super specialty hospital, recently launched bone marrow transplant (BMT) Centre, Pune to provide advanced medical treatment for common disorders like leukemia, myeloma and lymphoma. With the launch of BMT Centre, the hospital also joined the league of best-in-class BMT Centers across India. Announcing the launch of BMT Centre, Dr Rajendra Patankar, chief executive officer (CEO), Jupiter Hospital, Pune said. “The Centre would now successfully treat the patients who are suffering from the life-threatening diseases such as leukemia, myeloma and lymphoma among others. Jupiter Hospital offers best-in-class BMT facilities with well-equipped Hematology lab, transfusion medicine, human leukocyte antigen (HLA) matching, and a highly experienced team to perform this advanced procedure.” The newly established BMT Centre has been built in accordance to the established protocols for BMT center. “Treatment for cancer has improved by great leaps & this gives hopes to many patients to return to their normal lifestyles and we are trying to help these patients by providing them with the best healthcare delivery. We offer our BMT facility to eligible patients of all ages,” he further added. “Haemopoietic stem cell is sourced from bone marrow (BM), peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) and placental umbilical cord blood (P-UCB). We are equipped to perform all major types of bone marrow transplants at this center. It is estimated that we have now over 10 million donors at Matched Unrelated-BMT bank or Registry. With the opening of our Centre people of this region would get world-class facility here in Pune,” said Dr. Sweta Lunkad, senior Hematologist with Aviansh Cancer Clinic, Pune and Head of Jupiter BMT Centre. Bone marrow transplant is a medical procedure to replace damaged or destroyed bone marrow with healthy bone marrow stem cells. It may be autologous (the patient's own stem cells are used), allogeneic (the stem cells come from a donor) or syngeneic (from an identical twin).