Date: 28-Mar-2020

Lanxess India Donates Disinfectants To TMC To Reduce Cross Contamination Of COVID-19

To help fight the current COVID-19 pandemic in India, specialty chemicals company Lanxess India has donated its highly effective Rely+On Virkon disinfectant to Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) to reduce the cross contamination of COVID-19 in civic hospitals and other establishments.

Rely+On Virkon inactivates coronavirus quickly with regard to the current global coronavirus situation, independent tests have proven that Rely+On Virkon quickly inactivates a closely related surrogate of the currently spreading coronavirus strain. From these tests it can be concluded that Rely+On Virkon would also be effective against SARS-CoV-2 which is causing the current COVID-19 epidemic.

The independent test results indicated that Rely+On Virkon achieved inactivation of the coronavirus strain at a 1:100 dilution rate with a 10 minute contact time. This corresponds to test conditions required by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and proves the performance and suitability of Rely+On Virkon for practical use.

Rely+On Virkon is diluted for application and sprayed on hard surfaces and equipment. It can therefore help to reduce the risk of cross contamination from surfaces, door handles, tables or chairs during disinfection measures at public transport terminals, airports, hospitals, clinics, shopping malls, etc.

Due to this wide application range, there has been a significant increase in demand from the Indian industry as many private hospitals and several corporations have placed significant orders of the disinfectant in their own efforts to limit the spread of the disease in their organizations.

Neelanjan Banerjee, vice chairman and managing director, Lanxess India commented, “We are working concertedly to ensure that our production and logistics utilize our product expertise to help fight the spread of COVID-19.”