Date: 30-Mar-2020

XtalPi, Porton Team Up For Drug Designing

US-China biotech firm XtalPi Inc., an algorithm-driven artificial intelligence (AI) pharmaceutical technology company, and Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd., a Chinese contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), announces the signing of a strategic collaboration to integrate XtalPi's next-generation computational tools with Porton's experimental expertise to further empower pharmaceutical research in drug design and pre-clinical development.

The two companies will initiate in-depth collaboration in drug crystallization and process development services, intelligent drug discovery and development research, and business expansion in biologics and formulation.

Under the agreement, XtalPi and Porton will offer prediction and experimental services that couple XtalPi's pioneering drug solid-state screening and designing solutions, such as crystal structure prediction (CSP), and cocrystal and solid-solvate propensity prediction, with Porton's broad range of experimental offerings.

The two companies will leverage computational insights to design more targeted experiments and extensively optimize the crystallization research and drug solid-state development process. This cooperated approach aims to increase the efficiency and success rate of drug pre-clinical research, ensure development timeline and product quality, and support key decision-making in identifying and optimizing the ideal active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) form for clinical trial and mass production.