Date: 07-Apr-2020

25 Pharma Firms Contribute Rs. 256.98 Crore To PM CARES Fund To Fight Against COVID-19

Even as the number of COVID-19 cases in the country is increasing day-by-day, as many as 25 leading pharmaceutical and exporting firms from across the country have come forward to extend their helping hand and contributed Rs. 256.98 crore to the PM CARES Fund to help the state and central governments to fight the deadly virus.

In fact, earlier, Pharmexcil had appealed to all its member companies to extend their helping hand urging them to donate to the Prime Minister’s relief fund to help the government to fight against the deadly widespreading epidemic.

\According to Uday Bhaskar, Director General of Pharmexcil, they have already issued a circular appealing to the pharma companies and exporters to donate towards the PM CARE Fund to fight against COVID-19. “There are more than 300 member companies and registered with Pharmexcil. Many of them have come forward and donated liberally to the government and extended their helping hand. We are expecting many more will come forward in the coming days and donate to fund the Indian healthcare sector to cope with the healthcare emergency situation,” informed the Pharmexcil Director General.

At present as many as 25 pharmaceutical firms have come forward and contributed Rs. 256.98 crore towards PM CARE Fund. Torrent Pharma has topped the list with a contribution of Rs. 100 crore followed by Mankind with Rs. 51 crore, Sun Pharma with Rs. 25 crore worth materials towards PM CAREs Fund.

Aurobindo Pharma based in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states has contributed Rs. 11 crore each towards the Chief Minister’s relief fund of their respective states. Other major contributors include Alkhem Labs Rs. 7 crore, Divi’s Labs and Hetero Drugs each Rs. 5 crore to the CM and PM relief fund to help the state and central governments to fight against the deadly coronavirus.

Giving his perspective of a possible drug that may come in the near future, the Pharmexcil DG observed that many research institutions and pharmaceutical firms are working towards this end and he hoped that in the next couple of months definitely they may come out with a perfect medicine and treatment methodology to treat the COVID-19 patients. Adding further he said at present leading regulatory agencies like US FDA from USA and ICMR from India has temporarily approved the use of hydroxychloroquine, a malarial drug along with Azitromycin antibiotic to treat the COVID-19 infected patients. He said this is a prescription medicine and it should be sold only on the doctor’s prescription. “The malarial drug along with the azithromycin antibiotic has been found effective to treat the COVID-19 patients. However this medicine should not be used as a preventive one and should be sold only on prescription by a registered practitioner,” said the DG.

The DG expressed hope that the world will very soon come out of this healthcare emergency, however he expressed concern that the global economy has been hit hard it will take time for the countries across the globe to recover the loss due to this unexpected epidemic.