Date: 10-Apr-2020

Navia Life Care Launches Video Consultation Platform For COVID-19 Patients

Navia Life Care, digital health company focusing on improved patient care, has launched its video consultation facility Navia e-Consult to help doctors and patients communicate remotely during this time of crisis.

It is integrated with Navia’s Smart EMR platform where doctors create digital prescriptions while having a real time conversation with the patient. Patients receive their prescriptions on their app as well as WhatsApp with an option to order medication as prescribed by the doctor.

Using the app, patients can book appointments with doctors and be able to receive a callback by the doctor using the in-app video calling feature, protecting their privacy and a doctor’s personal time.

More importantly, it is compliant with the latest Telemedicine guidelines published by the Medical Council of India in conjunction with Niti Aayog.

Speaking about the launch, Gaurav Gupta, co-founder said, “In the wake of COVID-19 crisis, as most of the OPDs are shut, both patients and doctors need an alternative and safe way to engage with each other. We believe that a one-stop solution to consult with doctors, transfer payments, and receive appropriate healthcare advice is the need of the hour to create a safe healthcare environment.”

The online platform is voice-enabled, has handwriting recognition to digitize records along with an AI-powered queue management system and an advanced data analytics and insights platform.

Navia has designed the product as per doctors’ and patients’ needs. Doctors pre-allocates the time slots so that the patients can book the appointment on the available time. The system is integrated with a payment gateway that works for a wide range of methods (internet banking, credit/debit cards, digital wallets).

Once a consultation is complete, the patient receives a prescription on the app as well as on their WhatsApp, with an option to order their medication as well.

Navia is extending the facility to all specializations where remote consultations are possible and as a goodwill gesture to doctors, waiving onboarding fee for them.

The main aim of Navia e-Consult is to offer seamless and secure communication among doctors and patients, while maintaining social distancing norms as required. Few other companies have also come up with teleconsultation services like Practo, mfine, among others.