Date: 23-Apr-2020

Telangana Govt’s Start-up Platform T-Works Develops Low Cost BVM Prototype Ventilator

The low cost Bag Valve Mask (BVM) prototype ventilator developed by the T-Works, a start-up platform set up by Telangana government, is expected to emerge promising to deal with the growing shortage of ventilators, as scientists working on it have successfully demonstrated its efficiency and affordability in Hyderabad recently.

According to Sujai Karampuri, chief executive officer (CEO) of T-Works, they have collaborated with multiple startups and corporations to build an affordable and effective BVM- based ventilator which could be designed and developed at low cost compared to the existing costly ventilators in the market.

“In this healthcare emergency, where there is a huge strain on the finances, we thought to develop a low cost ventilator. Accordingly, we collaborated with multiple startups and under the guidance of experts from Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) we could successfully develop a prototype which has been demonstrated successfully. The cost of this BVM ventilator comes around Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 1 lakh, which is 10 times less than those available in the market,” informed the T-Works CEO.

With the successful demonstration, the T-Works is planning to partner with local manufacturers for bulk manufacturing by keeping the cost at low. As the newly designed BVM prototype has been tested at NIMS, the T-Works authorities are going for getting further certifications that allow its wider usage, Karampuri informed.

At present, there are only 1,000 ventilators present in Telangana. However, as the number of COVID-19 cases is growing in Telangana with every passing day, the state government is looking to procure more ventilators to deal with the possible severe intensity of the deadly corona virus in the state.

Describing more about the BVM ventilators, Karampuri said the low cost ventilators are of medical grade and made of locally available components and they can be used by primary healthcare centers in rural areas, ambulances and medical professionals.

The BVM ventilators can also gauge the tidal volume, breaths per minute, oxygen concentration, minimum residual pressure and other health parameters which are vital while treating those in emergency. Though the BVMs may not compete with the sophisticated equipments used in hospitals, but can come handy in emergency situation.