Date: 04-May-2020

Notable And MDS Foundation Announce Partnership To Collaborate On Clinical MDS Trials And Advance Drug Therapies For MDS Patients

Notable, which is redefining cancer treatment with its scientific technology platform to rapidly advance drug development, announced a partnership today with the MDS Foundation.  MDS Foundation (MDSF) provides insight and information to families on upcoming clinical trials for myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS).

As part of the partnership, Notable is providing a grant to support MDSF’s critical education and advocacy efforts on behalf of MDS patients and their support network.  Notable and MDSF will work closely together to engage physicians, biopharmaceutical companies, health authorities, and clinical trial organizations to collaborate on novel clinical trial designs. The goal of this effort is to match patients to effective drug therapies, and get those therapies approved faster for the benefit of all MDS patients.

The MDS Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing an ongoing exchange of information about MDS with patients and families.  For clinical trials, the organization acts as an important conduit providing information, and translating technical jargon and medical terms and procedures for patients to better understand what each trial is about and what their participation will involve.

This partnership marks the MDS Foundation’s first time working with a scientific technology  platform like Notable.

“Notable has breakthrough technology for accelerating drug development and precision medicine, matching patients with effective therapies,” said Tracey Iraca, Executive Director of the MDS Foundation.  “We are excited to work closely with Notable to continue to learn more about what its platform will mean for MDS research and help translate important information about MDS developments and trials to our community.”