Date: 22-May-2020

Health Arx Technologies Launches BeatO To Address Vulnerable Population Of COVID-19 Patients With Diabetes

Delhi-based Health Arx Technologies Pvt Ltd has developed and launched an artificial intelligence (AI) powered smart diabetes management system through a mobile app named BeatO to address the vulnerable population of COVID-19 patients having diabetes with uncontrolled sugar levels.


Founded by entrepreneurs Gautam Chopra, Yash Sehgal and Kunal Kinalekar, BeatO is a full stack digital health platform for managing lifestyle-related chronic illnesses starting with diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes has been sighted to result in 30% mortality among COVID-19 positive patients.


Most needs of a diabetic are recurring in nature at some regular interval. Hence, an IoT hardware enabled by an app ecosystem, addresses the need as a one stop solution where a person can monitor, manage, refill medicines automatically and get proactive intervention from doctors and experts as needed.


“Especially during these times when routine self-monitoring and self-care are need of the hour, diabetes management apps become extremely important to support diabetics in better management, actionable feedback to improve control and proactive intervention by medical experts to correct course. This smart diabetes management system is powered by AI to provide actionable insights to manage diabetes and offers an entire ecosystem to help users manage their illness. Additionally, when it is difficult to have physical consult with doctors, such an app also allows for follow up and seamless data exchange with diabetologists, endocrinologists and other specialists,” explains Gautam Chopra.


We are looking to empower 5 million Indians over the next 4 to 5 years to lead healthier and fuller lives, he further added. BeatO combines cost-effective hardware (the BeatO smartphone connected glucometer) with the BeatO app to support end-to-end management for their users. The BeatO app ecosystem provides a complete solution of all daily needs of a diabetic, ranging from blood-glucose monitoring, consultation with doctors and nutritionists, scheduling medication deliveries, insurance and diagnostics to specially curated food designed for diabetics. They also provide rich content including educational videos and food recipes which serve as an additional resource to the users. 


Home based self-monitoring, especially during times of isolation becomes extremely important. Especially talking of the slightly older population, who are most at risk and cannot step out during these times, this becomes very relevant also for doctors who can now remote monitor through tools like BeatO.


The overall self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) market is growing at a CAGR of +15%.


Management of diabetes and its complications is a huge challenge due to lack of general awareness about diabetes and scarcity of healthcare personnel and monitoring equipment including simple HbA1c tests especially in smaller towns and villages. All of these issues significantly contribute to delayed presentation and missed diagnosis, which further increases the existing burden of diabetes. From a clinical standpoint, in India, around 85% of all diabetes is treated by general physicians.


BeatO offers easy monitoring and syncing of data. When the reading is out of range, family and care givers are instantly alerted. Its virtual endocrine clinic on the app allows to interact easily with endocrinologists, cardiologists, rheumatologists, physiotherapists. It offers anytime access to diabetes educators with nutritionist offering customized calorie plans based on just essentials that are available in these times.


Majority of BeatO’s very active users are in the age group of 40 to 60 years and beyond 65% are from non-metro cities. This demography reflects that when the user experience with digital products is made keeping the users’ needs in mind, the adoption is as simple as for other demographics.