Date: 13-Jul-2020

ProteinQure Collaborates With AstraZeneca To Develop New Therapeutic Peptides

ProteinQure, a leader in computer discovery of protein-based drugs, announces that it will collaborate with global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to apply a structure-based design method to creation of therapeutic libraries, in order to accelerate research and development of therapeutic peptides.

Therapeutic peptides have unique properties which make them very effective against certain target pathologies outside the framework of traditional methods based on small molecules and antibodies. However, due to the great variability of peptides, very few of these potential therapies have been studied. By combining high-precision biophysical models and machine learning, it is possible to explore this vast therapeutic territory and to design libraries of peptides presenting wide possibilities of application to the discovery of drugs.

This collaboration will take advantage of ProteinQure's expertise in calculation methods and structure-based drug design. AstraZeneca will draw on its vast expertise in organic products to carry out experimental validation.

“We are pleased to collaborate with AstraZeneca to demonstrate the value of applying our technology on a large scale. By combining ProteinQure's proprietary IT tools and AstraZeneca's broadband capabilities to refine and validate millions of therapeutic candidates, we will quickly be able to identify therapeutic avenues beyond the reach of conventional synthetic antibody libraries. The interest of advanced IT tools for biological R&D has not been fully explored and we are delighted to partner with AstraZeneca in order to discover new therapeutic avenues for some of the most difficult drug targets encountered by the sector ” , said Chris Ing, security manager at ProteinQure.

“The combination of peptide libraries based on the calculation methods of ProteinQure and our advanced capabilities in display technologies will help us exploit the potential of this therapeutic class. AstraZeneca continues to collaborate with leading companies to realize its ambition to discover new treatments and increase the speed with which our company can provide treatments to patients, "said Tristan Vaughan, vice-president, antibodies and engineering engineering proteins, R&D, AstraZeneca.