Date: 11-Aug-2020

Roche Gets A Green Light To Challenge Biogen, Novartis With SMA Med Evrysdi

A third spinal muscular atrophy treatment is set to debut with the FDA’s approval for Roche’s Evrysdi, formerly known as risdiplam. The medicine offers at-home dosing for patients, potentially giving it an edge versus the competition during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Another potential edge? Price. Genentech set Evrysdi’s list price at up to $340,000 per year, depending on a patient’s weight. For some younger patients, the price could be under $100,000, a spokesman said.  

“We carefully considered a number of factors, including input from the SMA community, and took a long-term, thoughtful approach in determining the price of Evrysdi to help ensure those who are prescribed can access this first and only at-home SMA treatment, shown to be safe and effective across a wide range of ages and SMA types in our clinical trials,” he added