Date: 05-Oct-2020

Happiness Biotech Receives USFDA Approval For Hand Sanitizer

Happiness Biotech Group Limited, an innovative China-based nutraceutical and dietary supplements producer, recently announced that the Company's hand sanitizer products have been registered with U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

According to Xuezhu Wang, CEO of the company, "After several months of hard work, our Hand Sanitizer finally got the FDA registration. As a public company listed in the United States, we have always believed that we have the responsibility to make due contributions to the American public's effort to combat the pandemic.”

He added, “Two months ago, we have got the NPN license for the hand sanitizer in Canada, and we have been exporting our hand sanitizer to Canada ever since. We hope that there will be orders and sales for our hand sanitizer in the United States after we are qualified to distribute our product in the United States