Date: 16-Oct-2020

Fierce Pharma Sits Down With Adare Pharma Solutions

It is a time of growth and opportunity for contract development and manufacturing organizations, as pharmaceutical companies of all sizes increasingly rely on trusted and capable partners for drug development.  

And that’s created fertile ground for M&A activity, as well. John Fraher, CEO of Adare Pharma Solutions, recently sat down with Fierce Life Sciences to discuss Adare’s recent acquisition by THL and Frazier Healthcare. New backing means investment, particularly in technology, said Fraher.  

During his conversation with Fierce Life Sciences Head of Conference Programming Zohaib Sheikh, Fraher also explained Adare’s positioning as oral drug delivery continues to gain momentum. Fraher said interest in oral drug delivery aligns with Adare’s expertise in early stage new chemical entity development, and in meeting patient population requirements—such as taste-masking technologies for pediatric and geriatric patients.