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Date: 20-Nov-2020

Madhya Pradesh: State Stands Third In Cold Chain Points For Vaccine Delivery

 Madhya Pradesh has the third highest cold chain points (CCPs) for vaccine delivery in the country, going by a techno-economic assessment of 12 electronic vaccine intelligence network (eVIN) report.

Madhya Pradesh has 1,127 CCPs, which would be crucial in delivering a safe and potent Covid-19 vaccine.

From a distance of 1000 km, we can come to know the cold chain of a vaccine, said MP-NHM additional director, Dr Santosh Shukla.eVIN has been implemented in 12 out of 36 states/union territories in India. A ‘cold chain’ for vaccine storage temperature is recommended in the range of +2°C to +8°C. Gujarat and Rajasthan have more CCPs than MP.

Covishield is in its third stage and is developed at the SII Pune laboratory with a master seed from Oxford University/Astra Zeneca.

“There would be no need for modification to the cold chain management,” said Dr Shukla. He is also the state expanded program on immunization officer (SEPIO).

He expressed optimism that +2°C to +8°C would be the temperature need for the SSI vaccine. The official’s statement should calm fears as questions are being raised on the challenges in cold chain logistics in carrying out vaccinations.

In the recent past, two US manufacturers who have claimed a 90% efficacy in Covid-19 vaccine trials have also noted the need for very cold temperatures to store the vaccine. Currently, there are no facilities with the health department, which can store vaccine at low temperatures like -20°C and below. Dry ice is not widely available. “Cold chain should not be a problem,” said AIIMS Bhopal director, Dr Sarman Singh. The institute is anticipating conducting a Covid vaccine trial ‘very soon’.

The MP health department has set a target of immunizing 1.9 million children and 2.2 million pregnant women each year.

VPD surveillance is being improved. FGDs are specifically undertaken planned session sites with ANMs, ASHAs, MPWs, LHV and others