Date: 18-Jul-2019

New Drugs and Clinical Trial Rules to promote local trials in India to develop new drugs & vaccines. Dr Naresh Sharma

India needs more clinical research to develop new and effective medicines and vaccines to tackle the huge disease burden the country encounters today. The outcome of the innovations will find solutions to the consequent medical needs. Taking this factor for the future, the government of India decided to promote clinical trials in the country and new rules have been notified, said Naresh Sharma, deputy director at the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO), New Delhi. Speaking about the current and future need of the R&D sector in India, he said the continuing high prevalence of endemic diseases and the emergence of lifestyle diseases point to an urgent need for greater investment in research and innovation to address the increasing disease burden and the incremental costs associated with it. Government of India, through various healthcare projects introduced many a scheme for the benefit of the ailing population. It has brought 1,084 essential drugs under price control giving consumer total benefit over Rs. 15,000 crore. However, we need new drugs and more therapies, he said.