Date: 10-Sep-2019

AstraZeneca heads for Roche battle with Imfinzi small-cell survival win

Right now, Rocheís Tecentriq is the only immuno-oncology therapy approved in small cell lung cancer. But it may soon have to make some room for AstraZenecaís Imfinzi. Adding Imfinzi to standard-of-care chemo reduced newly diagnosed extensive-stage patientsí risk of death by 27% in a phase 3 study, the drugmaker said Monday at the World Conference on Lung Cancer in Barcelona. Patients lived a median 13 months on the Imfinzi combo, versus 10.3 months on chemo. At the 18-month mark, 33.9% of Imfinzi patients were still alive, compared with 24.7% of those who received solo chemo.