Date: 11-Sep-2019

Varian expands cancer care solutions portfolio with interventional oncology acquisitions

Varian has acquired Endocare® Systems, based in Austin, Texas; and Alicon, based in Hangzhou, China. Endocare is a leading provider of technology for cryoablation and microwave ablation. In China, Alicon is a leader in embolic therapy agents for treating liver cancer. Endocare’s lead product is the Cryocare CS® System, a fully integrated planning, placement, and treatment system designed to simplify cryotherapy. Alicon’s lead product is Caligel, comprised of calibrated resorbable gelform particles commonly used as an embolic agent for treating liver cancer. “This expansion into interventional oncology represents a significant step in our long-term strategy to become a global leader in multidisciplinary, integrated cancer care solutions, enabling us to touch more patient lives and have a broader impact across the cancer care continuum,” said Kolleen T. Kennedy, president of Varian Proton Solutions and chief growth officer. “We are confident that the portfolio of products and both companies’ dynamic R&D pipelines will expand our clinical partners’ treatment options in the years to come. Varian is uniquely positioned to create an interventional oncology platform that combines software and services for treatment planning with advanced interventional treatment delivery,” said Dow Wilson, president and chief executive officer of Varian. “We are excited about the opportunity to join Varian,” said David Chen, chief executive officer of Endocare and Alicon. “Endocare, Alicon, and Varian share a common goal of delivering innovative cancer care solutions, and this transaction will advance a united ability to develop the solutions necessary to achieve that goal. On a personal note, I am deeply proud of the products the Endocare and Alicon teams have developed, and I look forward to expanding our global patient impact together with Varian.”