Date: 13-Sep-2019

Pfizer touts latest next-gen pneumococcal data in infants amid race to market with Merck

Pfizer and Merck & Co. are racing ahead with next-gen pneumococcal vaccines in what's likely to be a multibillion-dollar field—and Pfizer has some new data to boast for its candidate, a hoped-for followup to its mega-successful Prevnar 13. After three shots of the new, broadly targeted vaccine in infants, researchers found that the vaccine has a safety profile similar to Prevnar 13, which pulled in $5.8 billion last year. The newer vaccine induced immune responses to all 20 serotypes of the virus it’s designed to protect against—the 13 included in Prevnar 13 plus an additional seven. Overall, the “findings are encouraging and should support the program’s advancement to phase 3,” Pfizer’s head of vaccine R&D Kathrin Jansen said in a statement.