Date: 10-Oct-2019

Pune FDA will track down pharmacists attached with multiple drugstores

the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now issued orders to conduct inspections across the state to find cases of pharmacist working at more than one drugstore as well as drugstores having no pharmacists at all. Claiming it to be a gross violation of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, the All Food and Drug Licence Holder Foundation (AFDLHF), a pan-India association of suppliers, has written to FDA, alleging that the agency’s website itself states that more than 79 pharmacists are attached with more than one drugstore, while 522 medical stores have no pharmacist at all. Alleging that the anomaly poses a threat to the general public, the association has demanded immediate action to regularise the practice. Taking cognisance of the complaint, FDA has ordered to inspect medical stores across the state. If pharmacists or drugstores are found to flout the norm, action will be initiated against the guilty parties, said FDA officials. At present, as many as 1.25 lakh pharmacists are registered with FDA in Maharashtra. As per the rule, pharmacist cannot lend their degrees to others and can work only in one medicine (drug) shop at a given time. However, in the past as well, FDA had come across cases where pharmacists were found to be attached with more than one drugstore. Interestingly, the drug officials have also found cases of pharmacist degrees being lent to stores.