Date: 15-Oct-2019

Eli Lilly's Reyvow wins FDA nod for migraine relief, but side effects could limit sales

Eli Lilly is already working to grow market share for its migraine prevention med Emgality, but now the company has a new medicine to add to its suite. Reyvow, a first-in-class drug Lilly picked up with its 2017 CoLucid buyout, won approval Friday to treat migraines as they occur. Formerly known as lasmiditan, Reyvow will be the latest launch for the company's growing pain and migraine franchise. Lilly Bio-Medicines President Patrik Jonsson said in a statement the nod is “an exciting development for patients and physicians seeking the potential for pain freedom when a migraine attack happens." The company's own Emgality, along with its CGRP brethren, is approved as a migraine-prevention agent, but not to treat acute migraine.