Date: 15-Oct-2019

Turn Therapeutics™ Announces FDA Clearance of Protego™ Antimicrobial Wound Dressing

Turn Therapeutics™, Inc., a Los Angeles-based pharmaceutical and medical device company, has announced FDA clearance of Protego™ Antimicrobial Wound Dressing, an important and disruptive innovation to traditional petroleum saturated gauze dressings. Protego™ wound dressings are single-use, sterile, antimicrobial gauze dressings impregnated with Hexagen™, Turn's petrolatum-based wound care emulsion built on the Company's proprietary PermaFusion™ technology. Hexagen™ alone carries years of successful use history for acute and chronic wound management at leading institutions, nationwide. Protego™, with Hexagen™ built in, offers clinicians the same gentleness, feel, and utility as traditional, petroleum saturated gauze dressings, but with the added benefit of broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection against bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. Bradley Burnam, CEO of Turn Therapeutics™, commented: "Protego™ is a disruptive innovation on a nearly-century old standard of acute and chronic wound care, including post-surgical care. Clinicians will now have the means to dress wounds with a non-adherent contact layer similar to traditional, petroleum saturated gauze, but with broad-spectrum, antimicrobial protection. We think it could be possible to convert the current market from the traditional standard of care to Protego™ based on the clear added value Protego™ could bring to wound care." About Turn Therapeutics™: Turn Therapeutics™ is a concept-to-approval research and development organization focused on novel, best in class products for infection control, skin disease, and wound care. The company's proprietary technologies are used every day by world-leading healthcare institutions to care for a variety of skin and wound conditions. For more information, visit