Date: 22-Oct-2019

India-US discussions on IP revolve around joint opportunities in regulatory landscape, copyright and infringement

The on-going India-US dialogue on Intellectual Property (IP) looks to make inroads into the bilateral strategic cooperation in the areas of patent filing, regulatory landscape, copyright and infringement, technology transfer and enforcement even for pharma industry. Stating that innovation has revolutionised life in India, Patrick Kilbride, senior vice president, US Chamber’s Global Innovation Policy Center, said that competitiveness, going forward, is rooted in IP-led innovation. India is on the rise and some modest upgrades to the IP system in the country will propel innovation in the country to the next level. The country has an opportunity to get ahead, drive domestic growth and be an engine for global economic growth. Since India and US both are innovation economies, if India succeeds in becoming a leader in the global knowledge economy, then US industries will also benefit. This will not only enhance mutual success growth but also augment the strong relations between both countries, he added. The aim was to identify solutions, share technical knowledge and expertise between both US and India in the IP domain, while providing a platform to experts from both countries to develop stronger understanding on the need for uniform IP frameworks and arrive at solutions in collaborative way.