Date: 23-Oct-2019

Lincoln Pharma receives Indian patent for Diclofenac Rectal Spray

Lincoln Pharmaceuticals, an Ahmedabad based pharma company, announced that it is received Indian patent for its liquid Diclofenac Metered-Dose Rectal Spray (Diclofenac Rectal Spray). The patent has been awarded by the Government of India for “A Novel Liquid Rectal Spray Dosage Form Containing Diclofenac and Its Pharmaceutically Active Salts,” patent number - IN320894. This patent is valid for 20 years. The company has necessary approvals from Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) and planning to launch it in the Indian market by January 2020. The company is also planning to apply for a global patent for this novel solution. Lincoln Pharma's liquid rectal spray dosage offers faster and better absorption of the drug resulting in quick relief and speedy recovery to patients compared to the existing therapeutic options. Clinical trials conducted suggest that Diclofenac Rectal Spray is highly effective in patients suffering from pre and post operative pain, gynaecological surgery and musculoskeletal disorders such as muscular pain, pain associated with arthritis, acute pain in renal colic and mild body ache.