Date: 06-Nov-2019

CPhI Annual Report predicts Europe to surpass the USA in biologic manufacturing capacity by 2023

Frankfurt, Germany. CPhI Worldwide - the world's largest pharma event, taking place in Frankfurt, Germany - released the second part of its annual report focussed on biologicals. Fittingly, in 2019 BioProduction - which features five concurrent streams of content covering the entire spectrum of biopharmaceutical development and production - will run alongside CPhI Worldwide for the first time, bringing together the entire pharma and biopharma supply chain. In the report, experts Dawn Ecker, Director of bioTRAK® Database Services with BPTG (BioProcess Technology Group, BDO USA, LLP), and Emil. W. Ciurczak, President of Doramaxx Consulting, explore the near- and medium- term trends in the industry. In particular, the report forecasts the biologics industry's ability to meet and keep pace with future manufacturing capacity concerns, as well as evaluating the current state of quality control in bio - with an emphasis on concerns about CQAs (critical quality attributes) in biosimilars.