Date: 12-Nov-2019

Oncology Pharma and Ribera Solutions Signed a Licensing Agreement for the Use of Ribera's Clinical Trials Platform, Connect2Med

Oncology Pharma Inc. is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Ribera for its clinical trial platform, “Connect2Med”. The license by Ribera of its “Connect2Med” for human clinical trials to Oncology Pharma shall be exclusive for oncology, drug development, clinical trials, personalized oncology and therapeutics worldwide, including the right to sub-license, with one year to complete certain milestones, including modifications for oncology use and an option to purchase the platform or renew the license agreement. Ribera Solutions is a software services firm focused on the development of technologies for the life sciences, medical devices, healthcare and clinical research sectors. The firm provides technology consulting, research and development on cloud, mobile and web-based connected care solutions. Ribera develops its own proprietary software applications that can be licensed for running clinical trials, providing “connected” care services, and for collection of remote data and analysis. Dr. Mahant (CSO & COO) stated: "The iOS and Android based mobile “Connect2Med” App is a powerful tool that is centralized, has recruitment features, the potential to improve participant retention, participant tracking, and the App will be in compliance with local and Federal regulations such as HIPAA.”