Date: 19-Nov-2019

TS govt cuts down funds for procurement of medicines, many hospitals face shortage of medicines

With the state government cutting down the funds for procurement of medicines to be supplied for the government hospitals across the state, the hospitals which are already flooded with patients are now facing heat as they are not able to supply free medicines to the patients and referring them to approach private pharmacies for buying even the basic medicines. According to sources from the healthcare department, unlike in the previous year where the government had sanctioned Rs. 332 crore towards the procurement of medicines, this year the government has allocated only Rs. 226 crore, less than Rs. 106 crore of last year. “Last year we did not have so many cases of dengue, or viral fever and the demand for medicines in the government hospital was normal. However, this year the patient flow in the government hospitals has increased manifold and with state government cut more than Rs. 100 crore in the budget, many hospitals in the state are facing fund crunch for the procurement of medicines,” informed a source from Telangana Medical Services and Infrastructure Corporation (TSMSIDC). Usually, the government procures medicines for the district hospitals, PHCs and CHCs, to suffice for about 3 months. However, with unprecedented flow of patients in all hospitals with dengue and other viral fevers this year, the medicines meant for 3 months are getting over in just one month’s period.