Date: 04-Dec-2019

Ascletis gets pharmaceutical trade license and GSP certificate

Ascletis Pharma, an innovative R&D driven, commercial-stage biotechnology company addressing unmet medical needs in therapeutic areas including anti-viral, cancer and fatty liver diseases, announces today that Ascletis XinNuo Medicine (HangZhou) Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ascletis XinNuo), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ascletis, has recently obtained the Pharmaceutical Trade License and GSP Certificate issued by ZheJiang Medical Products Administration. The business scope of Ascletis XinNuo composes of drug distribution, and import & export agency. It mainly covers major kinds of innovative drugs manufactured directly by Ascletis and via its business partners. With a well-established GSP quality management system, modern logistics facilities and equipment, Ascletis XinNuo has ensured the quality control of products over its drug distribution process. “Ascletis has developed into an integrated platform from drug discovery and development to manufacturing and commercialization,” said Jinzi J. Wu, PhD, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Ascletis, “ Obtaining Pharmaceutical Trade License and GSP Certificate marks another milestone in Ascletis’ commercialization layout. This has enabled Ascletis to position as the best partner within the innovative pharmaceutical industry by achieving an open and full cooperation throughout the entire industry chain. ” In the future, Ascletis will import potentially innovative medical products worldwide through Ascletis XinNuo, in order to further strengthen its product pipeline of innovative drugs. At the same time, Ascletis XinNuo will develop its international cooperation, to benefit patients in countries and regions under the Belt and Road Initiative with its global first-in-class innovative drugs.