Date: 05-Dec-2019

NephroPlus gets Rs. 323 crore investment from Bahrain-based Investcorp to expand services in West Asia and South East Asia

NephroPlus, India’s leading chain of dialysis provider network, has received an investment of Rs. 323 crore from a Global alternative assessment management company based in Bahrain, Investcorp. With this, NephroPlus is all set to expand its services in dialysis care across international markets soon. To begin with, the company is planning to set up dialysis network chains in West Asia and South East Asia. At present NephroPlus is providing dialysis services in India through its network of 200 dialysis centres across the country. Over the past few years, NephroPlus has been providing cost effect treatments to over 14,000 dialysis patients. With the latest investment, the company is looking at expanding beyond their current presence in 20 states of India. The funds will further be for acquisitions and partnerships commencing with Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. A contract with Vietnam is currently underway and will be effective within the next two- three months. The focus for the Indian market will continue to develop through the dialysis programmes currently on track at 180 hospitals and will subsequently continue through select acquisitions and expansion of centres; joint ventures and new operation and maintenance contracts will also be set in motion. Informing, about new investment in NephroPlus by Investcorp from Bahrain, Vikram Vuppala Founder and CEO of NephroPlus said, “We are excited on this newest development, our partnership with Investcorp will help transform the healthcare industries in India and overseas. With our current growth rate through our existing services, we are now aiming at a rapid growth through this investment”. Further commenting on the company’s hindsight of future developments in Indian and International markets, Vuppala says, “Through acquisitions and joint ventures, we are hoping to set-up 75-100 centres in the 5 International markets within the next three years. In India, we are aiming to grow momentum by expanding to 40 centres every year through our high quality but cost-effective models”.