Date: 06-Dec-2019

Merck, Ping An Good Doctor to advance healthcare in China

Merck, a leading science and technology company, has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with one of the world's leading healthcare ecosystem platforms, Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited. In line with the Healthy China Initiative (2019-2030), the two companies will jointly explore integrated solutions to advance intelligent healthcare in China and to address needs of Chinese patients that are still unmet. The collaboration will leverage Merck's medical expertise, high-quality medicines and innovative solutions and Ping An Good Doctor's extensive experience in AI medical technology, insurance provision and online and offline healthcare resources to develop an integrated one-stop healthcare solution. The Chinese government has a strong commitment to enhance the country's medical service efficiency and patients' health service experiences, putting in place a series of policies related to "internet + healthcare". In line with these policies, our digital solution will focus on assisted diagnosis of chronic diseases and infertility, and targeted disease management. In the future, the two companies will consider options to build out the ecosystem to include disease awareness and prevention, health check-ups, personalized medicine and healthcare services, and a "Medical Health + Insurance" platform to support health management throughout the country. Aligned with the government initiatives to improve the hierarchical medical system and high-quality medical resources sinking, Merck and Ping An Good Doctor will also jointly explore how to break down the barrier between online and offline healthcare by means of innovative retail models connecting retail pharmacies, hospitals and primary healthcare in rural areas and by establishing an omni-channel retail system.