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Date: 08-May-2021

Nasal Covid Vaccines Of Bharat Biotech And Senotize Enter Final Phase Of Clinical Trails

Nasal vaccines manufactured by Bharat Biotech in India and Senotize, a biotech firm from Canada, are soon to put a break on the widely spreading coronavirus in the world.

According to latest reports, both the companies have announced that their nasal vaccines are in the final stages of clinical trials and are soon going to launch the respective vaccines in the global markets so as to effectively contain the widely spreading coronavirus in the world.

In a recent announcement, Bharath Biotech’s joint managing director Suchitra Ella advocated that the nasal vaccines are most cost effective and efficient than that of intravenous injectable vaccines into the body.

While speaking recently at a programme organized by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) through virtual medium, the JMD said that Bharath Biotech’s BBV154 is a novel adenovirus vectored intranasal vaccine and the results of first phase clinical trials conducted on 175 persons in 4 cities in India has been very much promising.  She added that very soon the company is planning to complete the second and third phase clinical trials in the next 3-4 months and is going to soon launch the nasal spray vaccine in India in 6 months.

“Bharat Biotech, apart from developing the Covaxin Covid vaccine, is also soon planning to launch the BBV154 nasal vaccine in India. Already the first phase clinical trials have been proven successful and efforts to complete the subsequent second and third phase clinical trials are also going on. Am hopeful that the final stage clinical trials will be completed in the next 3-4 months and within next 6 months we will be able to launch the nasal vaccine in India,” informed the JMD.

Apart from Bharat Biotech, another company from Canada, Senotize has also come out with its E-Nitric Oxide Nasal Sra (NOS). The company has already completed its first and second phase clinical trials in Canada and Briton recently and has already applied for approval of emergency usage in Canada and Briton. Countries like New Zealand and Israel have already permitted for the use of the nasal spray vaccine and the company has already started its manufacturing facility in Israel. It is understood that the Canadian biotech firm is also trying to collaborate with some of the Indian companies for its manufacturing of the nasal spray vaccine in India. According to Dr. Gily Regev, CEO and co founder of Senotize, the firm is in talks with the Indian firms and very soon going to launch the nasal vaccine in India in the coming few months.

According to healthcare experts, the nasal spray vaccines are more effective and at the same time they are also very much affordable compared to the intravenous vaccines injected through needles. Explaining about the intranasal vaccine, Dr Shekhar, a child specialist from Mahabubnagar said that the nasal vaccines can also be easily administered to the children as the nasal spray stimulates a broad immune response and neutralizing IgG, mucosal IgA, and T cell responses.

It is learnt that the immune responses at the site of infection (in the nasal mucosa) is essential for blocking both infection and transmission of Covid-19 disease. The health expert also said that the nasal route has excellent potential for vaccination due to the organized immune systems of the nasal mucosa.

Apart from effectiveness benefit of the nasal spray vaccine, it is also well come by all sections of the people, for the nasal sprays are non-invasive, needle-free and have less side effects and vaccine related complications. Nasal vaccines also enable ease of administration as it does not require trained health care workers. The cost of the manufacturing and storage is also reduced drastically as it does not require vials and syringes and injections. The nasal vaccines are highly compliance as it ideally suits for children as well as adults and old age people.