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Date: 06-May-2021

Qilian International Holding Group Limited Enters Into Exclusive Agency Agreement With Kangzhiyuan To Boost Sales Of Gan Di Xin®

Jiuquan, China, May 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Qilian International Holding Group Limited (Nasdaq: QLI) (the “Company”), a China-based pharmaceutical and chemical products manufacturer, today announced that the Company, through its subsidiary Gansu Qilianshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has entered into an exclusive agency agreement (the "Agreement") with Henan Kangzhiyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ("Kangzhiyuan"), a pharmaceutical company with omni-channel in China, to boost the sales of Gan Di Xin® product of Compound Licorice Lozenges (the “Product”). The agreement was signed on April 22, 2021 with an initial period of five years.

Pursuant to the Agreement, both parties agree to cooperate in product marketing of Gan Di Xin® through leveraging their advantages and resources. The Company agrees to engage Kangzhiyuan as the exclusive sales agent for distributing the Company’s licorice products.

The Company has independently researched and developed the Product, which has become a well-known national chemical product and a brand-name product in Gansu provenience. Gan Di Xin® is an innovative antitussive and expectorant medicine made from high-quality raw licorice materials sourced from Northwest China, which the Company manufactures with its patented purification, thin-film coating and inclusion technology, allowing patients to more easily administer the medication. In addition, Gan Di Xin® has unparalleled taste and efficacy compared with traditional antitussive and expectorant drugs, making it an upgraded product among similar drugs.

Mr. Zhanchang Xin, Chairman and CEO of the Company, commented, “We are very pleased to cooperate with Kangzhiyuan. Previously, we marketed Gan Di Xin® mainly through third-party platforms in towns such as healthcare centers, individual clinics, and pharmacies. We believe the national marketing channels and sales network of Kangzhiyuan will greatly assist us in achieving record sales for the compound licorice lozenges product. We look forward to working with Kangzhiyuan in accelerating the promotion of the Product to the domestic market.”

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