Instant Report

Date: 22-Jul-2021

Venus Remedies Launches Consumer Healthcare Division

Drug firm Venus Remedies on Thursday said it has launched a consumer healthcare division that will offer a variety of products in segments like crucial pain management, gastro-enterology, hygiene, stress management, vitamins and supplements. To begin with, the division has introduced its holistic pain management solution called R3SET, Venus Remedies said in a statement.

The R3SET Life formula ensures maximum efficacy by combining the goodness of proven essential oils with nanotechnology to provide instant relief and long-term healing, it added.

"We have charted a roadmap for addressing the needs of modern-day Indian consumers who, empowered by the digital revolution brought about by technology over the past decade, make informed choices by digging deeper into science and opt for remedies that work best for them," Venus Remedies, Global Critical Care President Saransh Chaudhary said.